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A message to our friends and partners


Our mission has always been to be a leading tourism company, made by people who are passionate about serving and dedicated to creating travel experiences that exceed our clients' expectations. Respect and integrity are two of our most admirable values; therefore, I would like to update you, transparently, on how we are dealing with our business at the moment.

Due to the pandemic, an unprecedented moment in the history of contemporary tourism, and due to the considerable slowdown in the travel industry, we were forced to adjust our staff and to define new working patterns. We have reduced our working hours (currently from 10 AM to 2 PM), and today we have 125 employees working remotely in São Paulo, Brasília and Belo Horizonte. Furthermore, Teresa Perez Tours' office in Brasilia will remain closed after the pandemic; still, we will continue with our local service and with our collaborators working from home and coworking offices to cover this market. São Paulo and Belo Horizonte will remain with its corporate addresses. 

We surveyed with our main partner agencies and I have been touching base daily with the CEOs of our partner hotel brands. What we have noticed so far:

• Markets that are no longer in quarantine are beginning to see the first wave of resumption of activities;
• In this first wave of recovery, it's possible to observe a local activity, with domestic tourism;
• The shared preferences of this public have been short-distance trips, preferably by car, train or domestic flight; 
• Younger customers are more likely to resume international tourism as soon as allowed. 

Under this new reality, we are taking the following measures and actions:

• Following all the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health; 
• Managing and monitoring future trips of our clients and deciding together about rebookings, redirecting itineraries or another alternative that best suits the need of each client; 
• Developing new products to add to Teresa Perez portfolio, focusing on life-changing experiences with a strong sense of purpose; 
• Designing new experiences and itineraries all through Brazil.  

I am optimistic about the brief recovery of our market and I am confident that many, many transforming experiences will still be organized by us. Meanwhile, stay at home, take care of yourself and your family and soon we'll be together again rediscovering the world. 


Tomas Perez
CEO Teresa Perez Tours

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